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Marcantonio Franceschini (1648 – 1729, Italian)

Birth of Apollo and DianaBirth of Apollo and Diana

The Metamorphosis Of The Dead AdonisThe Metamorphosis Of The Dead Adonis


Armida Abandoned By RinaldoArmida Abandoned By Rinaldo

Bacchus And AriadneBacchus And Ariadne

Penitent MagdalenePenitent Magdalene

Venus With Cupid Dipping His ArrowsVenus With Cupid Dipping His Arrows

Venus and Adonis HuntingVenus and Adonis Hunting

Birth Of AdonisBirth Of Adonis

Birth Of Adonis 2Birth Of Adonis

Cupid Fleeing From Wounded VenusCupid Fleeing From Wounded Venus

The Triumph Of VenusThe Triumph Of Venus

Aurora Abducting CephalusAurora Abducting Cephalus