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Lindsay Bernard Hall (1859 – 1935, English-born Australian)

Sleeping Beauty 1910Sleeping Beauty


The SuicideThe Suicide

The EnchantressThe Enchantress

The ModelThe Model

Nude Reading At Studio FireNude Reading At Studio Fire


A Colour MedleyA Colour Medley

The Red FanColour Medley

The Model And The MaskThe Model And The Mask

The Glass BottleThe Glass Bottle

Seated Nude By The FireSeated Nude By The Fire

The Nude In The MirrorThe Nude In The Mirror

Model At The GlobeModel At The Globe

Nude ReflectionNude Reflection

The Model And The MirrorThe Model And The Mirror


According to Gwen Rankin, biographer of Lindsay Bernard Hall and author of The Man The Art World Forgot, the following work “was not painted by Bernard Hall despite the signature which has been added by some other hand in recent years. The artist was almost certainly Hall’s son, Oswald, although the signature is not his either”.
Thank you very much. I hope this can be useful to correct this wrong information about Bernard Hall’s work.

Nude StudyNude Study