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Steven Kenny (1962, American)

Unification (Anima)

The Attendant

Leda And The Swan

Return To Eden

Animal Attraction


The Devil’s Heartbeat

The Circle


The Imposter

The Decoy

The Law Of Gravity

Song Of Memory

The Blindfold

The Egg

The Wishbone

The Crux

The Widow

The Gesture

The Harpy

The Black Cloud

The Tornado

The Last Dodo

The Island

The Miner

The Bather

St. Anthony

The Mirror

The Stump

The Saplings

The Reins

The Departure

The Black Orb

The Veil

The Shadow

The Bark Necklace

The Esoteric

The Alchemical Marriage

Quince Crown

Constellation I

Constellation II

Constellation III

The Surrender