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Evelyn de Morgan (1855 – 1919, English)

Boreas And OreithyiaBoreas And Oreithyia

The light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it notThe Light Shineth In Darkness And The Darkness Comprehendeth It Not


Sleeping Earth Waking MoonSleeping Earth Waking Moon


Sleep and Death, the Children of the NightSleep And Death, The Children Of The Night

Aurora Triumphans - DawnAurora Triumphans – Dawn

The Sea MaidensThe Sea Maidens

The Little Sea MaidThe Little Sea Maid

Cadmus and HarmoniaCadmus And Harmonia


Phosphorus And HesperusPhosphorus And Hesperus

The Martyr - NazaraeaThe Martyr – Nazaraea

By The Waters Of BabylonBy The Waters Of Babylon