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Armand Point (1861 – 1932, French)

Autumn – Exotic Beauty With Unicorn

The Bather

Byblis Turned Into A Spring


Portrait Of A Woman With Cherry Blossoms

Symbolic Figure – Isis

The Bath Of Youthfulness

Woman With Bunch Of Flowers

Ophelia – The Bather

The Siren – The Chimera

The Bathers

Nude Girl And Centaur

The Judgment Of Paris

Amphitrite ou Young Woman With Snakehead Fish

Bather In Red Cloth

Apollo And Daphne

The Awakening

Seated Nude

Oedipus And The Sphinx

Psyche In The Garden Of Love

Narcissus And Echo – The Death Of Narcissus


A Muse

Naked Young Woman

By The Lake



Study Of Two Nude Girls