Erich von Gotha (1924, English)

(II) Erich von Gotha is the pseudonym used by Robin Ray.

Family Feelings:

I need cock…

You know, she gave me a nickel to eat my cunt

Shit! What a nice bush!

They say that if he doesn’t have a dick in his ass, he can’t get hard

Hey! Foul on you


…Stick your finger in

Ah! I’m too hard, I’m gonna jack off!

Come, my child, I shall be quite filthy

Feel me up if you like, but be careful with your nails

…We shall have Jules

The End

Sweet Tears And Reflections:

(more paintings)

(2 – to be continued)

Richard Muller (1874 – 1954, Czech-born German)

The Knight And The Girl

Message Of Love

Message Of Love

A Suitor

A Suitor

Marabu And Kneeling Female Nude

A Request

A Request

title unknown

Rivals – Teasing

Moving Clouds

Laurel And Fool’s Cap


title unknown

Meditation At Seashore

title unknown

On The Swing

On The Swing



Boy With Snake

The Stronger One

The Stronger One

The Offering



Archer II

Archer III

Archer IV

Death Struggle – Agony

Eva und Adam

Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude

Standing Female Nude

Male Nude


Wang (XX Century, ?)

The following paintings are signed Wang, but the author’s identity is unknown.

Nude Woman


Nude Female

William Ewart Gladstone Solomon (1880 – 1965, South African)

Female Nude

A Cozy Corner

Reading Nude

Reclining Nude

Female Nude

Standing Nude

title unknown

Nude In Winter Landscape

Seated Nude

A Summer Morning

The Idler


Istvan Macsai (1922 – 2005, Hungarian)

Lying Nude In The Studio



Female Nude Lying

Nude Figure

Betty Dodson (1929, American)

Leda And The Swan

Nude Study

Lesbian Lovers



Priestess – The Goddess Pose

Woman Power – Self Portrait

Great Goddess

The Vitruvian Woman

Serving The Mother Goddess

Sister Maria – Maria Schneider

Sister Maria – The Last Tango In Paris

The Kiss Of Death


Madonna – Virgin Mary


Pleasure Vs. Security – Does Size Matter?

The Mistress

Penetration – Introducing A Novice To A Threesome

Leda And The Swan

Nude Study

Glad Day


Phone Sex – The Obscene Phone Caller

Man Masturbating With Porn

Masturbating Nude – Jackie

Masturbation With Penetration

Pillow Fuck

Pillow Fuck


Clit Stim During Intercourse

Clit Stim During Intercourse

Stop Start Tecnique For Fast Ejaculators

Two Men Sharing Masturbation

Two Women Sharing The Same Vibrator

Two Women

Sensate Focus

Tommy – Nude Study Of A Young Man


Vaginal Penetration

Anal Penetration


Revenge – Girl’s Night Out

Partner Assisted

Partnersex On The Edge Of The Bed


Masturbating Nude

Masturbating Nude

Vibrating Woman


Xmas Card

Cartoon of Heterosexuality

(to be continued)

Abel-Dominique Boyé (1864 – 1934, French)

A Reclining Female Nude

A Beauty In The Boudoir

Femme au miroir

Effluves d’été

Le Printemps

Reverie au parc

Two Nude Women With Flowers

Portrait Of Woman