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Giacinto Calandrucci (1646 – 1707, Italian)

Venus And Cupid In A Landscape

Diana and Actaeon

Francesco Albani (1578 – 1660, Italian)

Diana And Actaeon (1617)

Diana And Actaeon (1625)

Actaeon Turned Into A Stag

Venus Attended By Nymphs And Cupids

Spring – Venus At Her Toilet

Summer – Venus In Vulcan’s Forge

Autumn – Venus And Adonis

Judgment Of Paris

Acis And Galatea

Salmacis Falling in Love with Hermaphroditus

Venus And Cupid

Giuseppe Cesari (1568 – 1640, Italian)

Diana and Actaeon

Venus And Cupid

Jupiter And Antiope

Adam And Eve Expelled From Paradise


Susanna And The Elders

Joseph And Potiphar’s Wife

Perseus Rescuing Andromeda

Antonio Maria Nardi (1897 – 1973, Italian)

Nudo di negra (Black Woman Nude)

Mulatta (Mulatto Woman)

Ore calde (Hot Hours)

Autunno (Autumn)

Nudo dormiente (Sleeping Nude)

Nera (Black Woman)

Susanna al bagno (Susanna Bathing)

Negra (Black Woman)

Nudo di negra (Black Woman Nude)

Nudo sdraiato (Reclining Nude)

Ebe e Ganimede (Hebe And Ganymede)

Diana e Atteone (Diana And Actaeon)

Ore calde (Hot Hours)

(many thanks to Adriano Nardi)

Jacob de Backer (1555 – 1590, Belgian)

Adam And Eve

Garden of Eden

The Fall Of Man

Diana And Actaeon (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)

Venus And Cupid

Allegory Of Time Liberating Faith

Minerva Holding A Lance
While Being Crowned With Laurels By A Putto


Juno Holding A Golden Vessel And A Moneybag

An Allegory Of Music

Paris Being Admitted To Helen’s Bedchamber

An Allegory Of Justice And Peace Embracing

Lot And His Daughters

Venus And Cupid
With Aeneas Fleeing The Burning Troy Beyond

A Woman With A Parrot On Her Left Hand – An Allegory Of Touch

The Finding Of Moses

The Last Judgement

François-André Vincent (1746 – 1816, French)

Zeuxis Choosing His Models for Helen of Troy Among The Girls Of Croton

L’enlevement d’Orythie

Une femme nue assise (Marie-Gabrielle Capet)

Diana And Actaeon

Jan Brueghel (1568 – 1625, Dutch)

diana_and_actaeonDiana And Actaeon