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Frans Floris (1517 – 1570, Belgian)

The Awakening Of The ArtsThe Awakening Of The Arts

Banquet Of The GodsBanquet Of The Gods

Venus At Vulcan's ForgeVenus At Vulcan’s Forge


Death Of LucretiaDeath Of Lucretia

Allegory Of MusicAllegory Of Music

The Judgment Of ParisThe Judgment Of Paris

The Judgment Of Paris 2The Judgment Of Paris

Venus And MarsVenus And Mars

Susanna BathingSusanna Bathing

Adam And EveAdam And Eve

The Fall Of ManThe Fall Of Man

Last JudgmentLast Judgment

The Feast Of The SeagodsThe Feast Of The Seagods

Venus And CupidVenus And Cupid

An Allegory Of PeaceAn Allegory Of Peace

Caritas - Allegory Of CharityCaritas – Allegory Of Charity

Mars And VenusMars And Venus

Allegorie des GesichtesAllegorie des Gesichtes

Frans_FlorisApollo And Nine Muses

The Sacrifice Of Jesus Christ, Son Of God, Gathering And Protecting MankindThe Sacrifice Of Jesus Christ, Son Of God,
Gathering And Protecting Mankind

Diana And Actaeon 2Diana And Actaeon

Diana And ActaeonDiana And Actaeon



Nicolas Poussin (1594 – 1665, French)

Sleeping Venus and CupidSleeping Venus and Cupid

The Triumph Of NeptuneThe Triumph Of Neptune

The Nurture of BacchusThe Nurture of Bacchus

Midas And BacchusMidas And Bacchus

Apollo And DaphneApollo And Daphne

Mars And VenusMars And Venus

Acis And GalateaAcis And Galatea

Parnassus - Apollo And The MusesParnassus – Apollo And The Muses


Bacchic SceneBacchic Scene

Satyr And BacchanteSatyr And Bacchante

The Victorious DavidThe Victorious David

The Nurture Of JupiterThe Nurture Of Jupiter

Venus Presenting Arms To AeneasVenus Presenting Arms To Aeneas

The Inspiration Of The PoetThe Inspiration Of The Poet

The Triumph Of FloraThe Triumph Of Flora

Venus And AdonisVenus And Adonis

Bacchanal Before A Statue Of PanBacchanal Before A Statue Of Pan

The Plague Of Ashdod (detail)The Plague Of Ashdod

Spring or The Earthly ParadiseSpring or The Earthly Paradise

Venus And SatyrVenus And Satyr

Armand Point (1861 – 1932, French)

Autumn – Exotic Beauty With Unicorn

The Bather

Byblis Turned Into A Spring


Portrait Of A Woman With Cherry Blossoms

Symbolic Figure – Isis

The Bath Of Youthfulness

Woman With Bunch Of Flowers

Ophelia – The Bather

The Siren – The Chimera

The Bathers

Nude Girl And Centaur

The Judgment Of Paris

Amphitrite ou Young Woman With Snakehead Fish

Bather In Red Cloth

Apollo And Daphne

The Awakening

Seated Nude

Oedipus And The Sphinx

Psyche In The Garden Of Love

Narcissus And Echo – The Death Of Narcissus


A Muse

Naked Young Woman

By The Lake



Study Of Two Nude Girls

Joseph Sheppard (1930, American)

Apollo & Marsyas



Nude Beach

Sunbathers, Elba

Dance Club

Girl With Tattoos


Girl With Yellow Sheet

Girl With Victorian Chair

Girls With Goldfish

Golden Girl

Blaze Starr

The Big Three

Jean-François de Troy (1679 – 1752, French)

An Allegory Of Time Unveiling Truth

Diana And Her Nymphs Bathing

Diana At Rest

Pan And Syrinx

Pan And Syrinx

Suzanne et les vieillards

Loth With His Daughters

The Judgement of Paris

Apollo And Daphne

The Rape of Proserpina

Zéphyr et Flore

Bacchus And Ariadne

Bathsheba At Her Toilet

Danae And The Golden Shower

George Spencer Watson (1869 – 1934, English)


Sunlight Nude


The Birth Of Venus

The Creation (Adam And Eve And Raphael)

Apollo And Daphne

A Female Nude

The Fountain

The Fountain

Une Fantaisie

Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson (1767 – 1824, French)

Psyche Asleep


Aurora and Cephalus

Pygmalion And Galatea

Scene Of The Flood

Three Graces Dancing To The Sound Of Apollo’s Lyre

Mademoiselle Lange as Danae

Mademoiselle Lange as Venus

Venus Looking In A Mirror Assisted By Love

Malvine Dying In The Arms Of Fingal

Le départ du guerrier


Galatea and Cupid

Phaedra, Having Declared Her Passion,
Attempts To Kill Herself With The Sword Of Hippolytus

Death of Phaedra

Hermione Rejecting Orestes

Jupiter And Callisto

Venus Emerging From The Waves