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Charles Napier Kennedy (1852 – 1898, English)

Perseus And AndromedaPerseus And Andromeda

The MermaidThe Mermaid


Cain's First CrimeCain’s First Crime

The Fountain Of YouthThe Fountain Of Youth

A Fair-Haired Slave Who Made Himself A KingA Fair-Haired Slave Who Made Himself A King

Emil Holarek (1867 – 1919, Czech)

Beauty On Show - Behind The CurtainBeauty On Show – Behind The Curtain


On The OlympOn The Olympus


Adam And Eve, YouthAdam And Eve: Youth

Adam And Eve, Eve Handing Adam The AppleAdam And Eve: Eve Handing Adam The Apple

Adam And Eve, The Fall Of ManAdam And Eve: The Fall Of Man

Adam And Eve, The Child CainAdam And Eve: The Child Cain

Angel With HarpAngel With Harp

Reflection Of The CatechismReflection Of The Catechism

Fernand-Anne Piestre Cormon (1845 – 1924, French)

Murder In The Serail

The Deposed Favourite

New Favorite


In Mourning

Death Of Ravana, King Of Lanka

In Expectation

In Expectation


Naked Woman Sitting On A Couch

Eastern Woman Sitting

Samson And Delilah

Hagar And Ishmael Driven By Abraham

Cain Flying Before Jehovah’s Curse




Léon Bazile Perrault (1832 – 1908, French)

La baigneuseLa baigneuse

A Water NymphA Water Nymph

Venus à la colombeVenus à la colombe



La Cigale 1La Cigale

La BaigneuseLa Baigneuse

144_1title unknown

The OfferingThe Offering

Le Premier Meurtre - Abel And CainLe Premier Meurtre – Abel And Cain

La Mort de PriamLa Mort de Priam

Venus In Her CarVenus In Her Car

The Nymph's Revenge.bmpThe Nymph’s Revenge