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Julian Bell (1952, English)

Constantine's Dream

Constantine’s Dream



That Was Good

That Was Good

Bathroom In Bow

Bathroom In Bow





In Here

In Here

Come Back

Come Back


Charles Désiré Hue (1825 – 1883, French)

The Myth Of King Candaules

The Myth Of King Candaules


Dosso Dossi (1490 – 1542, Italian)

Mythological SceneMythological Scene

Diana And CallistoDiana And Callisto

Circe And Her Lovers In A LandscapeCirce And Her Lovers In A Landscape

Venus Awakened By Cupid - Psyche Abandoned by LovePsyche Abandoned by Love

Venus And CupidVenus And Cupid

An Allegory Of FortuneAn Allegory Of Fortune

Allegory Of MusicAllegory Of Music

A BacchanalA Bacchanal

Gyges And CandaulesGyges And Candaules

Nymph And SatyrNymph And Satyr

William Etty (1787 – 1849, English)

Candaules King Of Lydia Shows His Wife To GygesCandaules King Of Lydia Shows His Wife To Gyges


Hero And LeanderHero And Leander

The Sirens And UlyssesThe Sirens And Ulysses


Toilette of Venus - Venus And Her SatellitesToilette Of Venus – Venus And Her Satellites


Reclining Female Nude In A LandscapeReclining Female Nude In A Landscape

Nude Woman RecliningNude Woman Reclining

The Bather 3The Bather

A Young Woman Reclining On A Fur Rug - A Woodland NymphA Young Woman Reclining On A Fur Rug – A Woodland Nymph

Seated Female Nude In A LandscapeSeated Female Nude In A Landscape

Seated Female NudeSeated Female Nude

Two Nudes In An InteriorTwo Nudes In An Interior

The Golden AgeThe Golden Age

Nymph AnglingNymph Angling

The StormThe Storm

Venus And CupidVenus And Cupid

untitledYoung Girl Nude


Youth At The Prow, Pleasure At The HelmYouth At The Prow, Pleasure At The Helm

Study Of Female NudeStudy Of Female Nude

Standing FemaleStanding Female

Study Of A Female Nude - ContemplationStudy Of A Female Nude – Contemplation

The Bather 2The Bather

Study Of A Standing NudeStudy Of A Standing Nude

Seated NudeSeated Nude

Study Of A Female NudeStudy Of A Female Nude

The Penitent MagdalenThe Penitent Magdalene

Study Of A Seated Nude 2Study Of A Seated Nude

Goddess And CupidGoddess And Cupid

Nymph And SatyrNymph And Satyr

Bacchante Playing The TambourineBacchante Playing The Tambourine


(1 – to be continued)

Jacob Jordaens (1593 – 1678, Belgian)

King Candaules Of Lydia Showing His Wife To GygesKing Candaules Of Lydia Showing His Wife Nyssia To Gyges

The Fall Of ManThe Fall Of Man

Allegory of FertilityAllegory of Fertility

Allegory of Fertility 2Allegory of Fertility

Homage To PomonaHomage To Pomona

Diana And ActaeonDiana And Actaeon

Youth Of Zeus - The Goat Amalthea Nourished ZeusYouth Of Zeus – The Goat Amalthea Nourished Zeus

Education of JupiterEducation of Jupiter

Pan And SyrinxPan And Syrinx

Cupid And Sleeping NymphsCupid And Sleeping Nymphs

The Rest Of DianaThe Rest Of Diana

Neptune And AmphitriteNeptune And Amphitrite

Neptune Creating The HorseNeptune Creating The Horse

The Rape Of EuropeThe Rape Of Europe

Fertility Of The EarthFertility Of The Earth

Venus And ErosVenus And Eros

Jupiter And Nymph With Juno AboveJupiter And Nymph With Juno Above

Nymphs At The Fountain Of LoveNymphs At The Fountain Of Love

Francesco Furini (1600 – 1646, Italian)


Mary Magdalene

The Repentant Mary Magdalene

Lot And His Daughters


Cephalus And Aurora

Ghismonda Receives The Heart Of Her Lover

Sigismunda With The Heart Of Guiscardo

Hylas And The Nymphs

The Birth Of Rachel

Acis And Galatea

Adam And Eve

Gyges In The Bedroom Of King Candaules

Repentant Magdalene

Magdalene Praying

St. Agatha

Poetry And Painting

The Three Graces

Artemisia’s Passion



Jean-Léon Gérome (1824 – 1904, French)

phryne-devant-lareopagePhryné devant l’Aréopage

le-roi-candauleLe Roi Candaule

slave-auctionSlave Auction

selling-slaves-in-romeSelling Slaves In Rome

achat d'une esclaveAchat d’une esclave

le-marche-desclavesLe marché d’esclaves

the-great-bath-of-bursaGrande piscine de Brousse

the-harem-on-the-terraceThe Harem On The Terrace

harem-poolHarem Pool

the_harem_bath-woman-bathing-her-feetThe Harem Bath – Woman Bathing Her Feet

bain-turcBain turc

femme-nueFemme nue

moorish-bath-iiUn bain maure

un-bain-maure-femme-turque-au-bain-n2Un bain maure – Femme turque au bain

bathing-sceneBathing Scene

moorish-bath-le-maraboutLe Marabou


venus-risingVenus Rising

Cléopâtre et CésarCléopâtre et César

 Truth Coming Out Of Her Well To Shame MankindTruth Coming Out Of Her Well To Shame Mankind

pygmalion-et-galateaPygmalion et Galatea

the-end-of-the-sittingThe End Of The Sitting

Greek Slave