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Nicolas Poussin (1594 – 1665, French)

Sleeping Venus and CupidSleeping Venus and Cupid

The Triumph Of NeptuneThe Triumph Of Neptune

The Nurture of BacchusThe Nurture of Bacchus

Midas And BacchusMidas And Bacchus

Apollo And DaphneApollo And Daphne

Mars And VenusMars And Venus

Acis And GalateaAcis And Galatea

Parnassus - Apollo And The MusesParnassus – Apollo And The Muses


Bacchic SceneBacchic Scene

Satyr And BacchanteSatyr And Bacchante

The Victorious DavidThe Victorious David

The Nurture Of JupiterThe Nurture Of Jupiter

Venus Presenting Arms To AeneasVenus Presenting Arms To Aeneas

The Inspiration Of The PoetThe Inspiration Of The Poet

The Triumph Of FloraThe Triumph Of Flora

Venus And AdonisVenus And Adonis

Bacchanal Before A Statue Of PanBacchanal Before A Statue Of Pan

The Plague Of Ashdod (detail)The Plague Of Ashdod

Spring or The Earthly ParadiseSpring or The Earthly Paradise

Venus And SatyrVenus And Satyr

Hans von Aachen (1552 – 1615, German)

Venus And Cupid With A Satyr

Allegory of Peace, Art and Abundance

Diana And Her Nymphs At Rest After The Hunt

Bacchus, Ceres And Cupid

Pallas Athena, Venus And Juno

Pan And Selene

The Rape Of Lucretia

The Rape Of Proserpine

Joking Couple With A Mirror

David And Bathsheba

Bacchus, Venus And Cupid

The Three Graces

Allegory or The Triumph Of Truth

The Judgment Of Paris

The Judgment Of Paris

The Triumph Of Cupid And Bacchus

The Fall Of Phaeton

Jan Massys (1510 – 1575, Dutch)

David and Bathsheba

Bathsheba Observed By King David


Judith Holding Holofernes  Head


Susanna And The Elders

Susannah And The Elders

Lot And His Daughters

The Penitent Magdalene


Venus Cythereia

Venus and Love