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Niccolò dell’Abate (1509/1512 – 1571, Italian)

Eros And PsycheEros And Psyche

The Death Of Eurydice - Orpheus And EurydiceThe Death Of Eurydice – Orpheus And Eurydice

The Rape of ProserpineThe Rape of Proserpine

Baby Moses On The WaterBaby Moses Saved From The Waters

The Continence Of ScipioThe Continence Of Scipio

Venus And Cupid In A LandscapeVenus And Cupid In A Landscape

Venus SeatedVenus Seated

The Sleep Of VenusThe Sleep Of Venus

Jacob Jordaens (1593 – 1678, Belgian)

King Candaules Of Lydia Showing His Wife To GygesKing Candaules Of Lydia Showing His Wife Nyssia To Gyges

The Fall Of ManThe Fall Of Man

Allegory of FertilityAllegory of Fertility

Allegory of Fertility 2Allegory of Fertility

Homage To PomonaHomage To Pomona

Diana And ActaeonDiana And Actaeon

Youth Of Zeus - The Goat Amalthea Nourished ZeusYouth Of Zeus – The Goat Amalthea Nourished Zeus

Education of JupiterEducation of Jupiter

Pan And SyrinxPan And Syrinx

Cupid And Sleeping NymphsCupid And Sleeping Nymphs

The Rest Of DianaThe Rest Of Diana

Neptune And AmphitriteNeptune And Amphitrite

Neptune Creating The HorseNeptune Creating The Horse

The Rape Of EuropeThe Rape Of Europe

Fertility Of The EarthFertility Of The Earth

Venus And ErosVenus And Eros

Jupiter And Nymph With Juno AboveJupiter And Nymph With Juno Above

Nymphs At The Fountain Of LoveNymphs At The Fountain Of Love

Nikolai Konstantinovich Kalmakov (1873 – 1955, Russian)

Leda And The Swan

Leda And The Swan



Death And The Maiden


The Women’s Den



A Chinese Woman



Nude With Eagle

Greyhound With Nude Witch

The Women Of Nadjis

Aphrodite With Eros And Anteros






Atlas And The Hesperides

Adolphe La Lyre (1850 – 1935, French)


Dans les rochers de la plage à Cartelet

La chute de la sirène

Danse des Naiades

Le concert des sirènes

Sirens Awaiting Their Prey

Sainte Cécile

Naiade et dauphin dans la vague

Water Goddess

La Chanson de la Mer

Les sirenes visitées par les Muses

Naiads Bathing With A Dolphin And Seagulls

Nu aux dauphins



La Madeleine

Andromède et la Méduse


Girl At The Source

Autoportrait dans l’atelier

Baigneuse sous les rochers du Grand Fort à Carteret

Groupe de femmes

Concert de Néréides

A Nest Of Sirens

Sirens Singing


Karoly Lotz (1833 – 1904, Hungarian)

Bathing Woman

Girl Combing

After The Bath


Bacchus And Ariadne

Amor And Psyche

Eros And Psyche

Allegorical Figure Of Reality

Allegorical Figures

Sketch for a mural

Henri-Camille Danger (1857 – 1937, French)

Aphrodite And Eros

Intérieur d’atelier

Mars, Venus And Amor

Les lucioles