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Massimo Stanzione (1585 – 1656, Italian)


Death Of CleopatraDeath Of Cleopatra

Susanna And The EldersSusanna And The Elders

usanna And The Elders 2Susanna And The Elders

Lot and his daughters, by Massimo Stanzione (1585-1656), oil on canvasLot and his daughters



The Martyrdom Of St. AgatheThe Martyrdom Of St. Agathe

Mary Magdalene In PenitenceMary Magdalene In Penitence

Francesco Furini (1600 – 1646, Italian)


Mary Magdalene

The Repentant Mary Magdalene

Lot And His Daughters


Cephalus And Aurora

Ghismonda Receives The Heart Of Her Lover

Sigismunda With The Heart Of Guiscardo

Hylas And The Nymphs

The Birth Of Rachel

Acis And Galatea

Adam And Eve

Gyges In The Bedroom Of King Candaules

Repentant Magdalene

Magdalene Praying

St. Agatha

Poetry And Painting

The Three Graces

Artemisia’s Passion



Stefano Puleo (1950, Italian)


The Painter And His Model



The Daughters Of Loth

Composition Of Figures

Two Girls

Reclining Nude

Les femmes



Figura di schiena

La toilette

The Model

Standing Nude

Red Nude


Reclining Half-Nude

Lying Figure

Three Figures

Jean-François de Troy (1679 – 1752, French)

An Allegory Of Time Unveiling Truth

Diana And Her Nymphs Bathing

Diana At Rest

Pan And Syrinx

Pan And Syrinx

Suzanne et les vieillards

Loth With His Daughters

The Judgement of Paris

Apollo And Daphne

The Rape of Proserpina

Zéphyr et Flore

Bacchus And Ariadne

Bathsheba At Her Toilet

Danae And The Golden Shower

Albrecht Altdorfer (1480 – 1538, German)

Loth And His Daughters

The Fall Of Man

Landscape With Satyr Family


Denys van Alsloot (1570 – 1626, Belgian)

Paradise (with Hendrick de Clerck)


A Man And Woman Resting Under A Tree

Wooded Landscape With Venus And Adonis


Jacob de Backer (1555 – 1590, Belgian)

Adam And Eve

Garden of Eden

The Fall Of Man

Diana And Actaeon (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)

Venus And Cupid

Allegory Of Time Liberating Faith

Minerva Holding A Lance
While Being Crowned With Laurels By A Putto


Juno Holding A Golden Vessel And A Moneybag

An Allegory Of Music

Paris Being Admitted To Helen’s Bedchamber

An Allegory Of Justice And Peace Embracing

Lot And His Daughters

Venus And Cupid
With Aeneas Fleeing The Burning Troy Beyond

A Woman With A Parrot On Her Left Hand – An Allegory Of Touch

The Finding Of Moses

The Last Judgement