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Gérard de Lairesse (1640 – 1711, Dutch)

Diana And EndymionDiana And Endymion

Allegory Of Constancy And VanityAllegory Of Constancy And Vanity

Venus Presenting Weapons to AeneasVenus Presenting Weapons to Aeneas

Bacchus And AriadneBacchus And Ariadne

Bacchus And Ariadne (detail)Bacchus And Ariadne (detail)

Odysseus And CalypsoOdysseus And Calypso

Mercury Orders Calypso To Let Go OdysseusMercury Orders Calypso To Let Go Odysseus

Hermes Ordering Calypso To Release Odysseus (1670)Hermes Ordering Calypso To Release Odysseus

Odysseus And The SirensOdysseus And The Sirens

Achilles Discovered Among The Daughters Of LycomedesAchilles Discovered Among The Daughters Of Lycomedes

Cleopatra's BanquetCleopatra’s Banquet

Wedding Of Alexander The GreatWedding Of Alexander The Great

Ceres Changing Stellion Into A LizardCeres Changing Stellion Into A Lizard

The Feast Of BacchusThe Feast Of Bacchus

Sleeping BacchanteSleeping Bacchante

The Judgement Of ParisThe Judgement Of Paris

Paris And OenoneParis And Oenone

Hagar In The DesertHagar In The Desert

Orpheus In The UnderworldOrpheus In The UnderworldJudgement Of MidasJudgement Of Midas

Nymphs And Bacchantes Paying Homage At The Temple Of FloraNymphs And Bacchantes Paying Homage At The Temple Of Flora

Herse, Mercury And AglaurosHerse, Mercury And Aglauros

Allegory Of The City Of AmsterdamAllegory Of The City Of Amsterdam

Allegory On The Prosperity Of AmsterdamAllegory On The Prosperity Of Amsterdam

Allegory of the Freedom of TradeAllegory Of The Freedom Of Trade

The Daughters Of Cecrops Opening Erichtonius's BasketThe Daughters Of Cecrops Opening Erichtonius’s Basket

Hendrick de Clerck (1570 – 1630, Flemish)

Paradise (with Denis van Alsloot)Paradise (with Denis van Alsloot)

Abundance And The Four Elements (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)Abundance And The Four Elements (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)

The Garden Of Eden With The Fall Of Man (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)The Garden Of Eden With The Fall Of Man
(with Jan Brueghel the Elder)

The Punishment of MidasThe Punishment Of Midas

The Nuptials Of Thetis And PeleusThe Nuptials Of Thetis And Peleus

Susanna And The EldersSusanna And The Elders

Diana And ApolloDiana And Apollo

Venus And AdonisVenus And Adonis

Mars And Venus Surprised By ApolloMars And Venus Surprised By Apollo

Perseus And AndromedaPerseus And Andromeda


The Rape Of EuropaThe Rape Of Europa

The Story Of Cupid And PsycheThe Story Of Cupid And Psyche

The Judgment Of ParisThe Judgment Of Paris

The Feast Of GodsThe Feast Of Gods

Diana Discovering The Pregnancy Of CallistoDiana Discovering The Pregnancy Of Callisto

Venus In The Forge Of VulcanVenus In The Forge Of Vulcan

Nicolas Poussin (1594 – 1665, French)

Sleeping Venus and CupidSleeping Venus and Cupid

The Triumph Of NeptuneThe Triumph Of Neptune

The Nurture of BacchusThe Nurture of Bacchus

Midas And BacchusMidas And Bacchus

Apollo And DaphneApollo And Daphne

Mars And VenusMars And Venus

Acis And GalateaAcis And Galatea

Parnassus - Apollo And The MusesParnassus – Apollo And The Muses


Bacchic SceneBacchic Scene

Satyr And BacchanteSatyr And Bacchante

The Victorious DavidThe Victorious David

The Nurture Of JupiterThe Nurture Of Jupiter

Venus Presenting Arms To AeneasVenus Presenting Arms To Aeneas

The Inspiration Of The PoetThe Inspiration Of The Poet

The Triumph Of FloraThe Triumph Of Flora

Venus And AdonisVenus And Adonis

Bacchanal Before A Statue Of PanBacchanal Before A Statue Of Pan

The Plague Of Ashdod (detail)The Plague Of Ashdod

Spring or The Earthly ParadiseSpring or The Earthly Paradise

Venus And SatyrVenus And Satyr

Abraham Janssens (1573 – 1632, Belgian)

Allegory Of The Four Elements

Venus and Adonis

Inconstancy: Allegory Of Fickleness

The Four Seasons: Spring

Diana And Sleeping Nymphs Visited By Satyrs

Hercules Kicking Pan Out Of Omphale's Bed

Nymph And Pan Among The Reeds

St. Mary Magdalene

Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus (Venus Is Cold Without Ceres And Bacchus)

Cephalus And Procris

Cephalus Grieving Over The Dying Procris


Judgement Of Midas

Venus And Adonis

Mythological Scene

Toilet Of Venus

Diana And Callisto