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Charles Napier Kennedy (1852 – 1898, English)

Perseus And AndromedaPerseus And Andromeda

The MermaidThe Mermaid


Cain's First CrimeCain’s First Crime

The Fountain Of YouthThe Fountain Of Youth

A Fair-Haired Slave Who Made Himself A KingA Fair-Haired Slave Who Made Himself A King

Nicolas Poussin (1594 – 1665, French)

Sleeping Venus and CupidSleeping Venus and Cupid

The Triumph Of NeptuneThe Triumph Of Neptune

The Nurture of BacchusThe Nurture of Bacchus

Midas And BacchusMidas And Bacchus

Apollo And DaphneApollo And Daphne

Mars And VenusMars And Venus

Acis And GalateaAcis And Galatea

Parnassus - Apollo And The MusesParnassus – Apollo And The Muses


Bacchic SceneBacchic Scene

Satyr And BacchanteSatyr And Bacchante

The Victorious DavidThe Victorious David

The Nurture Of JupiterThe Nurture Of Jupiter

Venus Presenting Arms To AeneasVenus Presenting Arms To Aeneas

The Inspiration Of The PoetThe Inspiration Of The Poet

The Triumph Of FloraThe Triumph Of Flora

Venus And AdonisVenus And Adonis

Bacchanal Before A Statue Of PanBacchanal Before A Statue Of Pan

The Plague Of Ashdod (detail)The Plague Of Ashdod

Spring or The Earthly ParadiseSpring or The Earthly Paradise

Venus And SatyrVenus And Satyr

Jacob Jordaens (1593 – 1678, Belgian)

King Candaules Of Lydia Showing His Wife To GygesKing Candaules Of Lydia Showing His Wife Nyssia To Gyges

The Fall Of ManThe Fall Of Man

Allegory of FertilityAllegory of Fertility

Allegory of Fertility 2Allegory of Fertility

Homage To PomonaHomage To Pomona

Diana And ActaeonDiana And Actaeon

Youth Of Zeus - The Goat Amalthea Nourished ZeusYouth Of Zeus – The Goat Amalthea Nourished Zeus

Education of JupiterEducation of Jupiter

Pan And SyrinxPan And Syrinx

Cupid And Sleeping NymphsCupid And Sleeping Nymphs

The Rest Of DianaThe Rest Of Diana

Neptune And AmphitriteNeptune And Amphitrite

Neptune Creating The HorseNeptune Creating The Horse

The Rape Of EuropeThe Rape Of Europe

Fertility Of The EarthFertility Of The Earth

Venus And ErosVenus And Eros

Jupiter And Nymph With Juno AboveJupiter And Nymph With Juno Above

Nymphs At The Fountain Of LoveNymphs At The Fountain Of Love

Walter Crane (1845 – 1915, English)

The Renaissance Of Venus

The Roll Of Fate

King Neptune

Europe, Asia, Africa


The Swan Maidens

Nymph Between Two Satyrs

William Dyce (1806 – 1864, Scottish)

Neptune Resigning To Britannia The Empire Of The Sea

Jacob de Gheyn II (1565 – 1629, Dutch)

Neptune And AmphitriteNeptune And Amphitrite