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Fernand-Anne Piestre Cormon (1845 – 1924, French)

Murder In The Serail

The Deposed Favourite

New Favorite


In Mourning

Death Of Ravana, King Of Lanka

In Expectation

In Expectation


Naked Woman Sitting On A Couch

Eastern Woman Sitting

Samson And Delilah

Hagar And Ishmael Driven By Abraham

Cain Flying Before Jehovah’s Curse




Adrien Henri Tanoux (1865 – 1923, French)

A Pensive Moment

An Oriental Beauty In An Interior


Slave Market


La grande odalisque

Two Harem Beauties

At The Well


Odalisque With Tambourine

Le repos du modèle

Jeune Orientale au brule-parfums

The Harp Player

Beautés du Harem

The Harem Beauty


Après le bain

Paul-Désiré Trouillebert (1829 – 1900, French)

The Nude Snake Charmer

Servante du Harem

Diana Chasseresse

Nu à la rivière



Georges Rochegrosse (1859 – 1938, French)

Le miroir


L’esclave et le lion

Nouvelle arrivée au harem – Thebes XVIII Dynastie

Nu au repos

Harem Girls In An Aviary


Le Chevalier aux Fleurs

The Spoils of War

Le bain de Théodora

La fin de Babylone


Le chant des Muses

Combat entre deux hommes de l’age des cavernes

Otto Pilny (1866 – 1936, Swiss)

The Slave Market

The Slave Market

The Slave Market

The Slave Market

The Slave Market

The Favourite

Dancing Slave

Desert Trade

Desert Trade

Girl With Horse

Giulio Rosati (1858 – 1917, Italian)

Picking The Favorite (detail)

The New Arrival

Inspection Of The New Arrivals

The Harem Dance

Picking The Favorite

Gyula Tornai (1861 – 1928, Hungarian)

In The HaremIn The Harem


Harem LadyHarem Lady

Susanna And The EldersSusanna And The Elders

The Magic FountainThe Magic Fountain

Portrait of Jaroslava, The Artist's DaughterPortrait Of Jaroslava, The Artist’s Daughter

Nudes With TortoiseNudes With Tortoise

gyula tornai gorgo

Ernest Normand (1859 – 1923, English)

The White SlaveThe White Slave

The Bitter Draught of SlaveryThe Bitter Draught Of Slavery


Moorish Scene With WomenMoorish Scene With Women


Pandora 2Pandora


Pygmalion and GalateaPygmalion And Galatea

Mariano Josè Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Carbò (1838 – 1874, Spanish)



Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte de Nouy (1842 – 1923, French)

L'esclave blancheL’esclave blanche

Mademoiselle de MaupinMademoiselle de Maupin

A Eunuch's DreamA Eunuch’s Dream

In The HaremIn The Harem

Nemesis Crying Over Hector's Dead BodyNemesis Crying Over Hector’s Dead Body

Nemesis (detail)Nemesis (detail)

Antiope And JupiterAntiope And Jupiter

Ramses-dans-son-haremRamsès dans son harem

J.J.A. Lecomte du Nouy - Tristesse de PharaonTristesse de Pharaon