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Erasmus Quellinus (1607 – 1678, Belgian)

Love Asleep

Bacchus and Ariadne

The Raping of Europe

Death of Euridice

The Triumph Of Minerva With The Three Graces

Giuseppe Veneziano (1971, Italian)

Snow White At The Mirror

Collodi’s Venus


Baptism Of Paris Hilton

Martyrdom Of Kate Moss

Spiderman Supersex

Blind Love

Le bonheur du vivre

Il Ragno delle Grazie

Wonder Woman’s Intimacy

Made In Heaven

Ivo Saliger (1894 – 1987, Austrian)

The Judgement of Paris

Diana’s Rest

The Bath of Diana


Three Graces

The Senses

Under The Tree

Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude By A Small Pond

Double Nude

Youth And Old Age

Nude On The Beach

The Physician Of The X-Rays

The Doctor, The Maiden And The Death

Female Nude With Monkey

On The Strand

Mars and Venus

Leda And The Swan

Annie Stegg (1982, American)

The Sirens

Fritz Willis (1907 – 1979, American)

White Shoulder Gloves

Woman with Wine Glass

A Moment Of Pleasure

March 1970

Luciano Ricchetti (1897 – 1977, Italian)

Donne che prendono il sole sulla riva del Po
(Sunbathers On The Banks Of River Po)

Modella Nuda Seduta
(Naked Model Sitting)

Jin Longgui (1942, Chinese)