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René Magritte (1898 – 1967, Belgian)

Attempting The ImpossibleAttempting The Impossible

Freedom Of MindFreedom Of Mind

Flowers Of EvilFlowers Of Evil

Dangerous LiaisonDangerous Liaison

Black MagicBlack Magic

Black Magic 1Black Magic

Le Domaine EnchantéLe Domaine Enchanté

The GiantessThe Giantess

The Break In The Clouds - The CalmThe Break In The Clouds – The Calm

The HarvestThe Harvest

The Forbidden  WorldThe Forbidden World

The Sea Of FlamesThe Sea Of Flames

The Sage's CarnivalThe Sage’s Carnival

The Evening GownThe Evening Gown

Lola de ValenceLola de Valence

The FloodThe Flood

The White RaceThe White Race

The Drop Of WaterThe Drop Of Water

Bather Between Light And DarknessBather Between Light And Darkness

Collective InventionCollective Invention

Reclining NudeReclining Nude

Three Nudes In An InteriorThree Nudes In An Interior

Adulation Of SpaceAdulation Of Space

The Disguised SymbolThe Disguised Symbol

The Titanic DaysThe Titanic Days


Philosophy In The BedroomPhilosophy In The Bedroom


Depths Of PleasureDepths Of Pleasure

The Eternal EvidenceThe Eternal Evidence

The Eternally Oblivious MetThe Eternally Oblivious Met

Rape 1Rape

Rape 2Rape