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Renata Magda (1980, Polish)

Presumed Charm

En bleu

Blue Ribbon

Where The Memory Ends


In Silence The Shadow

Between The Night And The Awakening

Immergé dans le bleu


Lyric Of Being

Rozsnuly zasnuly

Pink Dress

Spell In The Sounds

Empirical Event



Anatoly Gourine (1915 – 1971, Russian)

Femme à l’eventail (painting courtesy of Dr JLB)

John Buckland Wright (1897 – 1954, New Zealander)

Heart’s Desire

Heart’s Desire


Rosette And Isabel


Judgement Of Paris

Venus, Ceres And Juno

Psyche And Her Sisters

Venus And The Sea Gods


The Grecian Enchanted

Odysseus And Nausicaa

Paris And Helen

The Abduction

The Virgil Of Venus

The Virgil Of Venus

The Virgil Of Venus

The Virgil Of Venus

Specials Of Pure Love – Omar Khayyam

Specials Of Pure Love – Omar Khayyam

Specials Of Pure Love – Omar Khayyam

Specials Of Pure Love – Omar Khayyam

Ninth Day, Second Tale – The Guilty Novice In Her Timidity Did Not Know What To Reply

L’Apres-Midi d’un Faun

Cupid’s Pastime


Donne moi ton coeur

A Dream

Orgie Parisienne

Two Women

Two Women

Artist’s Model


Bali Women Bathing

Five Bathers

Three Bathers


Red Bee Hunter & Red Jasmine

Metamorphosis: Girl Into Tree

Alatiel Undressed Herself Before Him

Elena Dipped Seven Times Holding The Image In Her Hand

Glaucus And Scilla

Hymn To Proserpine

Hymn To Pan


Yea, She Laid Hold Upon Me


Chinese Susanna

The Sisters or What Came Of Paddling In The Forest Pool

Salmacis, The Naiad Bathing

Salmacis Combing Her Hair

Salmacis In The Lily Pond

Salmarcis And Hermaphroditus In The Lily Pond

Sea Nymph

Girls Bathing On Parbay Beach

Nu couché

Nu couché

Nu Silhouette

Girl Undressing


Nude Figure

Nude With A Slipper

Girl Standing With Towel

Nude Kneeling On Bed

The Bathroom

At The Mirror

Girl In A Field

Girl Undressing

Girl Dressing

Naked Boy And Girl Lifting Skirt

Boy And Girl Standing By A Tree

Young Lovers

Girl On Ledge, Boy Standing Making Love

Couple Making Love

Girl Fondling Boy

Boy And Girl Copulating, Girl Bending Forward

Girl Drying


Isabel Codrington (1874 – 1943, English)

Drowsy Summer Days

Robin Tewes (1950, American)

I Am Who You Are


Partially Open

I’m A Good Listener

I’m Naked You’re Not

It’s Only My Back That Hurts

She Said He Said

Georgette Nivert (XX Century, French)

Reclining Nude

Nu allongé

Nu allongé (painting courtesy of Dr JLB)

Femme nue allongée

Reclining Female Nude

Nu couché

Femme nue allongée

Nu endormi

Dreaming Nude

Reclining Nude

Nu au fauteuil

Seated Nude

Nu au voile rose


Nu dans la campagne

Deux baigneuses


Bathing Nudes

Two Girls – Two Seated Female Nudes

Nudes In The Woods

Two Bare Breasted Women

Les deux amies


Oscar Ghiglia (1876 – 1945, Italian)

La Modella