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Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918, Austrian)


The Three Ages Of WomanThe Three Ages Of Woman

Mother And ChildMother And Child

Water Serpents IIWater Serpents II

Women FriendsWomen Friends

The DancerThe Dancer


Hope IHope I

Adam and EveAdam and Eve


Water Serpents IWater Serpents I

Nuda VeritasNuda Veritas

Judith IIJudith II

Hope IIHope II

Beethoven Frieze - Hostility Of Adversary PowerBeethoven Frieze – Hostility Of Adversary Power

Beethoven Frieze - Longing For HappinessBeethoven Frieze – Longing For Happiness

Moving Water IMoving Water

Allegory Of SculptureAllegory Of Sculpture

Altar Of DyonisusAltar Of Dyonisus


Female Nude With Animals In A Landscape - The FableFemale Nude With Animals In A Landscape – The Fable

Leda And The Swan

Leda And The Swan

Young Girl MasturbatingYoung Girl Masturbating