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Sebastiano Ricci (1659 – 1734, Italian)

Venus And Satyr

The Meeting Of Bacchus And Ariadne

Bacchus And Ariadne

Bathsheba Bathing

Bathsheba Bathing

Susanna And The Elders

Venere con due putti

Venus And CupidVenus And Cupid

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin (1878 – 1939, Russian)


Morning, Bathers

The Expulsion From Paradise

Thirsty Warrior



Johann Baptist Reiter (1813 – 1890, Austrian)

Sleeping Woman (The Artist’s First Wife)

Ennio Montariello (1960, Italian)


Istvan Reti (1872 – 1945, Hungarian)

Gypsy Girl

Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 – 1865, Austrian)

Women Bathing In A Forest Brook

Three Graces Garlanded With Roses

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844 – 1930, Ukrainian)

Portrait Of Mrs. Alice Rivuar

Ilya Repin - Nude Model (From Behind)Nude Model (From Behind)

Ilya Repin - SadkoSadko

Ilya Repin

Michael Cheval (1966, Russian-born American)


Whisper Of Explosion

Earth, Wind And Fire

Equilibrium Of The Absolute Distinction


The Lost World

Everlasting Souls of Love

Nature Of Absurdity

Venus Trap


m.cheval - Harbor Of HopeHarbor Of Hope

Julio Ortiz de Zarate (1885 – 1946, Chilean)