Bela Czene (1911 – 1999, Hungarian)

In The Studio

Blonde Girl – Model From Florence

Nude In Perugia

Nude On The Mediterranean Sea

On The Adriatic Coast

Nude In Roman Background


Three Graces

Nude With Antique Memories


Reclining Nude

Girls On The Beach

On The Beach

On The Beach


Female Nude – Girl With Brown Hair

Nude In The Atelier

Reading Nude

Reading Nude

Reading Nude

Seated Nude

In The Studio

In The Studio

Nude In An Interior

Dreaming Nude With Cat

Three Nudes




Judgment Of Paris

Judgment Of Paris

Rape Of Women


Girl With Cloth

Leaning On Her Head

Lying On Her Knee

Lilla With Broken Arm


Reclining Nude

Reading Nude

Erika Sitting On A Chair

Girl Undressed

Seated Nude (Marika)

Marcsi With Folded Arms



One response to “Bela Czene (1911 – 1999, Hungarian)

  1. Uma Maheswar Nakka

    Very beautiful, excellent art.

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