Monica Milesi (Italian)

Romantica d’autunno (Autumn Romantic)

La camera (The Room)

Marito e moglie (Husband And Wife)


Buongiorno (Good Morning)

Le barriere dell’anima (The Barriers Of Soul)

Il bene e il bello (The Good And The Beautiful)

Passione (Passion)

Da amanti (As Lovers)

La vestaglia viola (The Purple Dressing Gown)

Effluvi (Effluvia)

La treccia di Giulia (Giulia’s Braid)

Il suono dei sogni (The Sound Of Dreams)

Antiche melodie (Ancient Melodies)

Baldanza (Boldness)

Senza mezze misure (With No Half Measures)

4 responses to “Monica Milesi (Italian)

  1. Good Morning,
    This is totally a different kind from the touch of the brush and quite amazing. No words suitable to express an appreciation in its correct order.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lively, sensuous, colourful, inventive and playful. ‘Boldness’ and ‘Buongiorno’ are especially satisfying.

  3. Hello Mysterious CantervilleGhost.

    Just wondering how you choose artists and artwork to be featured. I have a collection of paintings and drawings of the nude and draped figures on a Facebook page, Bernie Hudecki Art in the album called ‘Natural.’ Maybe you could have a peek.




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